Working On Your Property? Don't Forget To Look At Your Trees

If you're doing all you can to improve the appeal and safety of your property, you also want to take better care of your trees. Trees that show signs of disease and structural damage might not be safe enough to remain on your property. Trees in bad condition can potentially fall or break during storms, or they can spread disease to the healthier trees in your yard. Learn more about trees and how disease and structural damage can affect them.

Are Diseased and Damaged Trees Hazardous?

Although many trees can live for years, trees affected by disease and damage can become hazardous over time. A number of diseases can infect trees, including leaf rot and fire blight. Storms can break or crack your trees' limbs and branches as well. If you don't take time to treat or remove your damaged trees, they can eventually create safety hazards on your property.

Dead or dying trees can also present safety problems for you. Dead trees may attract various insects that rely on their bark for food and shelter, including different types of termites. Dead trees are also very susceptible to structural damage. The limbs and trunks might not be sturdy enough to withstand severe winds or stormy conditions.

If you have unsafe trees on your land, consider tree removal.

How Can You Improve Your Property and Protect Your Trees?

Before you remove any of your trees, have them inspected by a tree contractor. Even if some of your trees appear too damaged or diseased to remain on your property, they may not be. A contractor can examine your trees to see if you should remove them or try to save them.

If you a contractor must remove your trees, they'll need to create space around the trees to do so. Some trees can be damaged enough to fall unexpectedly. In addition, a contractor may need to dig up the trees' roots during the removal process. The roots may continue to grow beneath the ground, even after you remove your trees. It may be necessary to apply root killers in the soil to prevent this from occurring. 

After a contractor clears and removes your damaged trees, you want to keep a close eye on the healthy trees around your house. If the trees begin to deteriorate from damage or disease, contact a tree specialist immediately.

If your trees concern you, call or email a tree removal company today.