3 Big Reasons To Prune and Trim Your Tree ASAP

Do you have a tree that's looking a bit shaggy and overgrown? Have you been putting off having it taken care of and have you been saying that you'll do it one of these days? Although it can be frustrating to need to trim your trees on at least a semi-regular basis, it really is the best option for both you and the tree. Even though you may have been avoiding it for a few years and haven't noticed anything amiss, here are some reasons why you should take the opportunity to have them trimmed by a professional as soon as possible.


Although termites are a big killer of trees in some regions, they are certainly not the only insect pest that has the potential to kill a tree. There are also carpenter ants and various borer beetles to consider. Since these aren't always obviously pests to the average person, you might not realize that there is anything wrong until your tree suddenly dies and doesn't come back to life. With regular tree trimming, the professionals will be looking for any signs of an infestation that you might have missed. The sooner you can get the tree treated, the more likely it is to survive and to bounce back.


If it snows at all where you live, it's essential to have a professional tree trimming on a regular basis. The snow that collects on the tree's branches can cause those branches to snap and plummet to the ground. This isn't a big deal for small twigs that are only a few inches long. However, branches that are as thick as your arm or thicker can be just as likely to fall off, and their weight can result in serious damage to your home or vehicle. Preventative trimming of at least some of these branches will help to protect your property.


In order to be strong and healthy, trees need good airflow to all of their leaves. Without sufficient airflow, the tree may have a harder time breathing and making the food that it needs. Too many leaves in one section can shade sections of the tree that should be in the sun. Unfortunately, trees don't always grow evenly and symmetrically, and this type of crowding can be quite common in some trees. Without regular tree trimming, this type of crowding can weaken the health of the tree and make it more susceptible to various bacteria and fungi.