Safety Tips For First-Time Fall Tree Pruning

Now that fall has arrived, the trees in your yard are entering their dormant stage, and it's time for you to prune them. Fall pruning is essential because it promotes healthier growth in the spring and improves fruit and nut crops. If you have never pruned your trees, then following these tips will keep you safe during the process. Tip: Wear a Hard Hat or Helmet to Protect Your Head from Injury [Read More]

Staving Off Drought: Tips For Keeping Your Orchards And Gardens Healthy And Green

Drought is once again in the news across much of the nation. In fact, according to information provided by The National Drought Mitigation Center, more than 53 percent of the country is now classified as abnormally dry with many other areas of the country faring even worse on the scale. For those who grow much of their own food in private gardens and orchards, this ongoing lack of precipitation can have a serious impact on the amount of vegetables, fruit, and nuts they will be able to harvest and store for their family's use. [Read More]

3 Benefits Of Adding A Timber Garage To Your Property

If you don't have a garage on your property, now might be the perfect time to install a timber garage. In addition to giving you ample space for personal belongings and vehicles, these timber structures provide so many additional benefits that you'll want to utilize as a homeowner. Simple Installation  You would think that adding a garage to your property would be an extensive process and take months to complete; this isn't the case when you opt to put one of these timber structures on your property. [Read More]

3 Tips For A Tick-Free Lawn

As the warmer months approach, you likely spend more time outdoors, especially on your lawn. Unfortunately, living in an area with high numbers of ticks can ruin any outdoor festivities. Keeping ticks at bay is a matter of using the right products and having a well-maintained lawn. 1. Do Routine Lawn Maintenance Depending on the exact climate, you might need to perform lawn maintenance once or twice per week, especially if your grass grows quickly. [Read More]