Tips For Recognizing An Emerald Ash Borer Infestation In A Tree

Emerald ash borers are an invasive species of beetles that have spread to many states across the country. These beetles infest ash trees and eventually kill them if the tree is not properly treated. Most homeowners do not want to deal with a dead tree and having it removed, so recognizing an emerald ash borer infestation and having an infested tree treated as quickly as possible is essential. Having a tree treated for an emerald ash borer infestation is much easier and more cost effective than having a tree removed and replacing it with a new tree. Some common signs that a tree is suffering from an emerald ash borer infestation include:

Thinning Leaves

If you have trees on your property, it is a good idea to inspect them on a regular basis for signs of disease or infestation. If a tree is infested with emerald ash borers, one of the first noticeable symptoms is a thinning of the leaves on a tree. The thinning usually starts in the crown of the tree and then proceeds down the sides. Never ignore unexplained thinning leaves on a tree on your property—your best bet is to contact an arborist or professional tree services company to inspect your tree and determine if it has been infested with emerald ash borers. In the event that your tree is infested, treatment can begin right away.

Extensive Woodpecker Damage

Woodpeckers eat emerald ash borers, so it is not uncommon for a woodpecker to be attracted to trees that are infested with the beetles. While it is a good thing that woodpeckers eat emerald ash borers, woodpeckers can also cause a lot of damage to a tree. Do not count on woodpeckers to take care of an emerald ash borer infestation—your tree will still need to be professionally treated. When you see extensive woodpecker damage on your tree or see an increase in woodpecker activity, have your tree checked out as soon as possible.

Cracking Bark

The bark on a tree's trunk and branches can tell you a lot about the health of a tree. If your tree is infested with emerald ash borers and your tree is being damaged from the inside out, the bark will become very stressed. This can result in the bark cracking; the cracks may be visible on the trunk or on upper branches. Immediate treatment to take care of the emerald ash borer infestation can save your tree. 

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