Do You Have A Plan For After The Storm?

Many people have plans for major hurricanes or tornadoes. Whether it involves turning your home into a stronghold, evacuating to a nearby safe spot, or taking an impromptu vacation before the evacuation traffic begins, there are a lot of ways to stay safe while defending your property before and during a storm. What about after the storm? To understand the problems that arise after a storm hits and ways to make your household comfortable again, here are a few storm recovery points to consider: [Read More]

Tree Rot And Stump Removals ~ What You Should Know

Did you recently have a tree rot on your property? Perhaps the tree fell or got cut down, but there is likely still a tree stump. You may not view the left behind stump as an eyesore, but there are a number of reasons you should consider getting the stump removed. For example, a tree stump can pose a safety issue because someone could trip over it and injure themselves. It is also wise to understand what causes trees to rot if you have more trees on your property. [Read More]

Removing Tree Stumps Without A Grinder

Tree stumps left in your yard can be unsightly and pose a safety risk since you could easily trip over one of them and fall. Many people use stump grinders to help eliminate unwanted tree stumps, but these pieces of machinery can be intimidating and dangerous. If you don't want to expose yourself to the safety hazards associated with a stump grinder, here are three alternative methods you can use to get rid of any old tree stumps in your yard. [Read More]