Removing Tree Stumps Without A Grinder

Tree stumps left in your yard can be unsightly and pose a safety risk since you could easily trip over one of them and fall. Many people use stump grinders to help eliminate unwanted tree stumps, but these pieces of machinery can be intimidating and dangerous.

If you don't want to expose yourself to the safety hazards associated with a stump grinder, here are three alternative methods you can use to get rid of any old tree stumps in your yard.

1. Manually remove the stump.

Although manual removal of a tree stump can be a labor-intensive process, it won't require access to any heavy machinery.

All you need to do is grab a shovel and start removing the dirt around the stump to expose the tree's root system. Once the roots are exposed, use an ax or saw to cut the roots free from the stump.

Connect your vehicle to the stump using a heavy chain, and pull the stump free. Manual removal of a tree stump takes a little time and effort, but the risk of injury is lower than when you must use a grinder to chop away old tree stumps.

2. Use nitrogen to kill off the stump.

Another great way to eliminate unwanted tree stumps is through the introduction of nitrogen. High levels of nitrogen will kill off your unwanted tree stump, allowing you to easily remove it from the ground without the use of heavy machinery.

Start by drilling some holes vertically down into the stump. Fill these holes with a fertilizer that is high nitrogen, then cover the stump with plastic and a layer of organic mulch. Water the stump thoroughly, and allow the nitrogen to go to work killing off the stump.

3. Use fire to eliminate unwanted stumps.

Although fire might seem like a dangerous tool when it comes to removing unwanted tree stumps, specialized products have been created to help control the flame so that it works slowly to eliminate a tree stump.

A powdered chemical that is designed to make the fibers of the wood porous should be applied to your stump if you plan to use fire as a removal method. This powdered chemical allows the porous wood to absorb kerosene, which will serve as the fuel source for your fire. Soaking the chemically-treated stump with kerosene and then lighting it on fire will create a slow and controlled burn that can help you eliminate your unwanted stump with relative ease.

Being able to get rid of an old tree stump without using a grinder will help you manage your landscape while reducing the risk of injury in the future.

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