Insects To Watch For On Your Korean Spice Viburnum

Korean spice viburnum is a type of moderate sized shrubs that have clove-scented white flowers in spring, beautiful red foliage in fall, and red decorative berries in winter. The shrubs are great additions to cottage-style gardens and for those who prefer spicier scents to heavy floral scents. The Korean spice viburnum attracts songbirds and butterflies but can also attract less desirable guests: insects and pests. What are some of the insects to watch for if you have a Korean spice viburnum? [Read More]

Have A Tree That Needs To Be Removed? Get It Done Before Hurricane Season

Mature and healthy trees are a thing of beauty, but not every tree is beneficial. If you have a tree that has sustained extensive damage or it has continuously grown to hang branches over your property, you should look into getting it removed. Since it may have only been a minor convenience up until this point, you may feel okay procrastinating to spend your money on other things in the meantime. [Read More]

Reduce Home Cooling Costs With Trees

There's no arguing that landscaping requires an investment; however, if done properly, it can reduce a home's cooling costs. So although it might require a fair amount of money up-front, homeowners will benefit from it in the long run. The Benefits of Shade Windows and roofs absorb a lot of heat from the sun and can increase the interior temperature of a home. This causes homeowners to use air conditioners more frequently to combat the rising temperatures caused by the sun. [Read More]

Keep Your Home Tree Safe: 3 Tips For Caring For Shade Trees Near Your Home

If you have trees near your home, this can pose a risk to your property. This is why many people have trees removed because the risks outweigh the benefits. There are some cases where you may want to leave a tree that is near your home, especially if you live in a hot climate where a tall hardwood can provide valuable shade, but it will still need special care. Here are some tips that will help you care for shade trees that may be a little too close to your home: [Read More]