Tree Diseases To Watch For When You Have Korean Spice Viburnum Shrubs

Korean spice viburnum is a beautiful and versatile shrub that requires little maintenance and thrives in many climates across the United States. The viburnum shrubs are available in dwarf sizes as accent plants or in larger sizes that can provide both ground cover and flowering hedges. The shrubs flower during the spring and summer, giving off a clove-like scent, and have leaves that turn a brilliant red in fall. While the Korean spice viburnum is low maintenance from watering and fertilizing standpoints, you still need to periodically check the shrub for signs of diseases that can thwart the shrub's growth and beauty. [Read More]

Insects To Watch For On Your Korean Spice Viburnum

Korean spice viburnum is a type of moderate sized shrubs that have clove-scented white flowers in spring, beautiful red foliage in fall, and red decorative berries in winter. The shrubs are great additions to cottage-style gardens and for those who prefer spicier scents to heavy floral scents. The Korean spice viburnum attracts songbirds and butterflies but can also attract less desirable guests: insects and pests. What are some of the insects to watch for if you have a Korean spice viburnum? [Read More]

Have A Tree That Needs To Be Removed? Get It Done Before Hurricane Season

Mature and healthy trees are a thing of beauty, but not every tree is beneficial. If you have a tree that has sustained extensive damage or it has continuously grown to hang branches over your property, you should look into getting it removed. Since it may have only been a minor convenience up until this point, you may feel okay procrastinating to spend your money on other things in the meantime. [Read More]

Reduce Home Cooling Costs With Trees

There's no arguing that landscaping requires an investment; however, if done properly, it can reduce a home's cooling costs. So although it might require a fair amount of money up-front, homeowners will benefit from it in the long run. The Benefits of Shade Windows and roofs absorb a lot of heat from the sun and can increase the interior temperature of a home. This causes homeowners to use air conditioners more frequently to combat the rising temperatures caused by the sun. [Read More]