Staving Off Drought: Tips For Keeping Your Orchards And Gardens Healthy And Green

Drought is once again in the news across much of the nation. In fact, according to information provided by The National Drought Mitigation Center, more than 53 percent of the country is now classified as abnormally dry with many other areas of the country faring even worse on the scale. For those who grow much of their own food in private gardens and orchards, this ongoing lack of precipitation can have a serious impact on the amount of vegetables, fruit, and nuts they will be able to harvest and store for their family's use. If you are among the households who have gardens or orchards affected by the current drought conditions, here are some tips to help you keep your plants and trees healthy and green during this stressful time.

Remove competition for moisture

When drought conditions make every drop of water count, it is important to remove competition so that your food-producing plants and trees can benefit from any available moisture. Removing weeds and unhealthy or unproductive trees and plants is an important part of doing this. Once non-critical plants are removed, it is important to provide protective mulch around the remaining trees and plants in order to prevent excessive evaporation and help the soil retain any available moisture. 

Install supplemental irrigation 

Adding permanent supplemental irrigation can be the best way to prevent drought-stress and promote healthy growth, especially in conditions that have long periods of extremely hot, dry weather. But traditional irrigation methods that spray water through the air can result in too much wasted water due to evaporation. Additionally, plants and trees that are watered topically during extreme weather conditions can wilt and suffer scald damage to their leaves, creating even more stress to their health. 

Opting to install a drip irrigation system throughout your gardens and orchards will ensure that every drop of water received is used as economically as possible, as well as preventing the risk of damage that can happen by topical irrigation methods. Because drip irrigation systems can be engineered with different sizes of water lines and valves, plants and trees that need more or less water can be accommodated more easily. 

To learn more about using drip irrigation to keep your gardens and orchards healthy and thriving through the remainder of the current drought and beyond, contact a reputable tree service in your area that offers irrigation system installation, maintenance, and repair. The investment you make now to supply your gardens and orchards with life-saving moisture will pay off through more abundant harvests for years to come. 

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