3 Benefits Of Adding A Timber Garage To Your Property

If you don't have a garage on your property, now might be the perfect time to install a timber garage. In addition to giving you ample space for personal belongings and vehicles, these timber structures provide so many additional benefits that you'll want to utilize as a homeowner.

Simple Installation 

You would think that adding a garage to your property would be an extensive process and take months to complete; this isn't the case when you opt to put one of these timber structures on your property. The setup involves anchoring frames into position, which already feature the right dimensions. 

Once the base foundation is set up, all that's required now is installing the timber walls, flooring, and roof. If all goes according to plan, these structures can be set up within a couple of days. That's not typically the case with metal or concrete garages, which require a lot of time and possibly professional help. 

Authentic Style 

Timber garages serve more than just a functional purpose. They also can add to the aesthetics of your property and are ideal if you're looking for a warm, possibly rustic element to show off. There are so many timber hues to choose from, ranging from dark to light.

You can also apply virtually any color of paint to timber's surface; this is ideal if you're trying to achieve a particular color scheme for your garage, or want to touch up certain areas over the years. Finally, timber can be stained and aged, giving your garage added character and style. The aesthetic possibilities are endless.

Offer Great Insulation 

If you plan on putting some fragile items in this timber garage, you'll be happy to know that this structure offers great insulation. You therefore don't have to worry about extreme temperatures -- hot or cold -- affecting your possessions in the slightest.

In addition to the natural insulation provided by timber, these garages can also be equipped with fiberglass wool. This material adds to the insulation and will hold up for a long time. Just make sure the fiberglass wool is installed by professionals, so that you don't run the risk of inhaling any harmful contaminants.

Whether you need extra space or want a secure environment for your vehicle, timber garages can really serve an important role for your property. Their practical and aesthetic benefits make them a superior choice over the conventional garage options like metal and concrete.