Train Trees Young Before They Become A Problem

Don't wait until your trees are fully grown before having them trimmed. Young trees need attention in order to grow up to be healthy adults, and that involves special care known as training. Training trees involves keeping the branches properly cut back as the tree grows. Here are some benefits you will discover when you train your young trees. 

Better Performance

When you plant a young tree, ask yourself why you have chosen that particular tree for that area of your yard. Are you planting a tree with flowers that will be decorative and compliment your other plantings, or are you expecting the tree to provide shade or privacy? 

  • Thin branches in a large shade tree as it grows, and you ensure a beautiful canopy when it reaches its full height. A properly shaped canopy will be dense enough to provide shade but open enough to allow some sunlight to filter through.
  • Shape decorative trees as they grow, and you will increase bloom time and the health and beauty of the flowers produced. You will also have a more attractive tree when the structure is kept full and symmetrical. 
  • Train fruit trees in order to avoid too many branches crossing and crowding each other. Trees will produce more fruit when the branches of the tree are properly spaced. If you allow the tree to become too overgrown, it may not produce any fruit at all. 

Safer Conditions

Neglected trees are not only less attractive, but they can also be dangerous. When you shape and trim your young trees, you avoid many potential problems in the future. 

  • Unhealthy limbs can fall, damaging property or hurting people. 
  • When a tree is not properly trimmed, it is more likely to become sick and die. 
  • Weak trees can topple in high winds or stormy conditions. 
  • Improperly shaped trees can grow into the wrong places, like against electric lines or into buildings. 

Less Expensive Upkeep

When you put the effort into keeping your young trees healthy, maintenance becomes much easier throughout the life of the tree. This translates into you having to pay less money for expensive emergency trimming or even having an entire tree removed. 

If you allow your trees to become too thick and overgrown, you are risking having to reduce the size of the tree through a reduction process. This can be very expensive and isn't good for the tree. 

When you plant a new tree in your yard, consider it an investment in the future of your property. Train young trees properly, and they will only bring positive qualities to your landscape. For more information, consider contacting companies like  All Around Landscape & Tree Service.