3 Reasons To Remove A Dead Tree From Your Lawn

A dead tree can provide numerous issues to the health and well being of your lawn and to the individuals around that very land. If you are considering leaving a dead tree on your lawn, it is highly recommended that you reconsider and remove the tree yourself or hire the help of a professional tree service. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn of a few important reasons that you should remove a dead tree from your lawn.

It Will Eventually Fall

Although it may take some time, the dead tree will eventually topple over. Due to the fact that decomposition will eventually set in and the fact that your lawn is most likely trafficked, this will contribute to the soil becoming uneven and the tree will most likely fall sooner than later. A toppling tree can harm your lawn, your home, and individuals occupying nearby spaces. The tree can also fall onto a neighbor's property, which can cause harm to their property as well, in addition to the fact that you can be held liable for any damages, whether medical or property-based, to anyone or thing that the tree harms.

Pest Infestations

Dead trees will invite nesting habits from a variety of different animals. Although some might be birds with beautiful plumage, this also means that pests like termites, roaches, and rats can make the dead tree on your property their home. This can especially pose a problem if the tree is particularly close to your home. Rodents and other pests can make a quick b-line from the tree to your home and scrounge for food or even set up other nests in the place where your head rests.

Watch For Falling Branches

As a dead tree begins to decompose, its branches will begin to lose their integrity and will be easily knocked down. A strong wind can easily blow these branches down. Branches, especially the larger ones, can wind up causing considerable damage to your property, the surrounding property, and can cause injury to any individuals who have the misfortune of walking around the tree at the wrong time. Take these possibilities seriously, as branches can cause serious property damage and can inflict life threatening injuries if the branch is dense enough and falls at a high enough speed.

Hopefully, this brief article has given you some idea of why it is prudent to remove a dead tree from your lawn. For more information, contact a business, such as R. L. Elliott Enterprises, Inc.