Four Questions To Ask When Treating For Ash Borers

The emerald ash borer can decimate the ash trees on your property in just a few years. Fortunately, treatments can save the trees if you apply them at the right time. 1. Is the Tree Already Infested? Waiting until ash borers have already invaded the tree before calling in for treatment can be a mistake, but you may be able to save the tree if you act quickly. Signs of emerald ash borers include canopy dieback, fissures and cracks in the bark, increased woodpecker feeding on the trunks, and boreholes in the tree. [Read More]

4 Reasons To Invest In Tree Removal Before Boarding Dogs At Home

If you own a home and are getting ready to board dogs, you may want to do everything that you can to prepare to provide this service. While watching dogs, you should expect to let them outside or go into the backyard where they may spend anywhere from minutes to hours. Understanding when to invest in tree removal service will lead to optimal preparation. Toxicity Keeping every dog safe and healthy is important because you do not want to worry about them getting sick from eating any part of trees on your property. [Read More]