Signs A Tree Is Dead Or Dying: And Why Tree Removal Is Necessary

When you need tree removal done, it's not always as obvious as you might hope it would be. Sometimes you have to keep a keen eye out to see what your trees need. A dead tree removal specialist (sometimes referred to as an arborist) can assist you in getting the most out of your experience and knowing when it's time to take a tree down for good.

Here are signs a tree is dead or dying, and some insight as to why it's better to just get rid of those types of trees in the first place.

There is an uneven disbursement of leaves

A dead or dying tree will not have leaf growth (or will have weaker leaf growth) on branches that are dead or dying. If your trees have some full and lush leaves and others that are lackluster or even branches that are completely bare, then you should have tree removal done. The dead branches can be all you remove if the rest of the tree is viable and healthy.

There is no leaf loss in the fall or winter

If you have trees that lose their leaves in the fall and winter, then you should have tree removal done on those trees. A healthy tree will shed all its leaves in the winter months, or at least most of them, while a dead or dying tree won't do that. A tree that is all the way dead may even appear to look alive still because of the lack of leaf shed.

On that same thread of logic, a tree that is dead won't get any spring leaves when the new season starts, either. You want to keep an eye out on your trees to make sure they are getting leaves like the other healthy trees on your property, but if they are not, then speak to your tree removal specialist about having them taken away from your property.

Your pine trees are bald or have red areas

Pine trees can be even harder to diagnose when they are dead or dying than other trees because they almost always have some kind of damaged undergrowth. Large balding areas and red pine needle branches are dead-growth and should be removed by a tree removal specialist. If more than half of the tree is red and not showing new growth (with the exception of pine tree species that actually do have seasonal changes), then you may have to have dead tree removal done.

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