Trim Or Remove Trees To Make Sure Your Backyard Is Safe For Your Children And Pets This Summer

If you have children or pets that like to play in your backyard, you need to ensure it is safe for them. There are many ways you can do this, such as making sure everything stays picked up, keeping other dogs out of your yard, and more. Another important method of keeping everyone safe is by trimming or removing trees. This is not only important for you but also benefits your trees. Keep reading to learn how to know if your trees need to be trimmed or removed from your property.

Trim or Remove

There are many signs that a tree needs to be trimmed or removed including the following.

Low Branches

If you see branches that are hanging low you should have these removed, especially if they are hanging over powerlines, your home, or your street. It does not take a lot for these branches to fall. If this happens the branches could cause injury or damage to someone or something. Fortunately, it is not difficult for a tree service to remove hanging branches.

Bleeding Trees

Look for bleeding trees, which means sap is seeping out of the trunk. This does not cause problems with the trees, but the sap is dirty and sticky. If you have children that play outside, they could easily touch the tree and get sap on their hands, clothes, etc. They may rub the sap in their eyes which would be painful. In this case, ask a tree service to remove these trees for you if you are bothered by the sap. 

Tangled Branches

Look at the branches on the trees for any that may be tangled up. If you see these the branches rub against each other and the friction causes damage. Over time this could cause your trees to become weak. A tree service can remove the tangled branches for you easily. This thins the tree, so it gets more sunlight and makes the tree look more appealing. 

Dead or Decaying Branches

If there are branches that are dead or decaying this is a sign the tree has a disease or a fungus. A tree service company can remove these branches to prevent the disease or fungus from spreading to other areas of your tree. If you do not do this over time the entire tree will become weak and then could die and fall.

The tree service company that you hire can tell you of other signs that your trees need to be trimmed or removed.