Got A Lot Of Trees In Your Yard? How To Care For Them This Spring

Spring is almost here, and there are many things you should do outside to get your yard ready. One of these things is taking care of your trees. There are many things you can do to get them ready for spring so they will grow well for you, three of which are listed below.

Do an Inspection

Inspect each tree and look for winter damage or signs of diseases. It is easiest to do this now while the trees are bare. Hire a tree service company to prune the trees to remove dead branches that can fall and cause injury. This is important as spring growth will start to happen very soon when the weather starts to warm up. Removing dead branches encourages new growth so your tree will look full and healthy. 

If the trees are large, ask the tree service company to help you inspect them. They have equipment that allows them to get high to the top of the tree. 

Get Trees Ready

Give each tree some slow-release fertilizer to give them food. This is a great time to do this because trees work very hard to start their new growth in the spring. Fertilizers can give them the extra help they need to make things much easier. Fertilizing your trees also makes them stronger, which helps them defend against diseases and pests.  

If you are not sure what type of fertilizer to purchase, visit a garden center. Tell them the type of trees you have, and they can tell you what to purchase. They can also tell you how to use the fertilizer if you need help. 

Hire a Tree Arborist

Because you have a lot of trees you should consider hiring a tree arborist. This is especially true if you see any kind of winter damage or signs of pests or diseases. A tree arborist will know what to look for in your trees as you may not notice anything wrong. There are many pests and diseases that can be treated so the tree will live and grow with no problems. There are few diseases that are deadly to trees, however. If you have trees with these diseases, it is important that they are removed immediately to prevent the disease from spreading to other trees. 

If you want to plant new trees spring is a great time to do this. This is because planting trees in the spring allows the trees to get established quicker so they will grow better and hold up better to hot weather.

An arborist can give you much more information on getting your trees ready for spring.