3 Tree Trimming Tips You Shouldn't Overlook

Before you pick up a pruning saw to trim your trees, several questions may run through your mind. Is it the right time to trim trees? Should this branch be cut? What about the other one? What will happen if too many twigs are cut? 

Knowing the answers to such questions will ensure you handle the tree trimming project safely without interfering with your tree's health. Besides, you will boost outdoor aesthetics and the endurance of your trees. 

Here are tips to consider before starting this vital tree maintenance task.

Clear the Area Surrounding the Tree

Trimming trees is usually a risky endeavor. Other than getting the right tools and equipment for the job, one needs to know the safety precautions to take. For instance, you should clear the area that surrounds the tree to prevent property damage. 

The last thing you want is to ruin your flower pots, outdoor furniture, landscape lighting, or any other structure in your yard. Also, you'll need to move the cars if they are near the tree to avoid damage. Ensure you analyze the project and prepare adequately to prevent property damage or accidents.

Verify If It's the Right Time to Trim Trees

Another vital aspect to consider is the timing. Knowing when to start trimming will ensure you don't interfere with the growth process. You should never try to trim your trees when they start blooming because this will slow their growth. 

The best time to trim trees is late fall, during the winter season, or right before spring begins because many trees are dormant. Also, avoid cutting the newly planted trees if they haven't experienced a blossom or adjusted to the new soil.

Get Professional Assistance

If you want your tree trimming job to be done accurately without experiencing property damage or accidents, call tree professionals. Arborists have the capability to identify branches that need to go and the ones that should stay. 

Besides, special tools and equipment are required to ensure the trimming project is handled efficiently. Seasoned tree service professionals have a wide range of equipment to use, so you are sure the trees' growth will not be affected once the work is complete.

Instead of DIYing, consider getting a professional arborist. They have the equipment, expertise, and experience to trim all kinds of trees and ensure your landscape looks outstanding once the work is done. Their rates are usually affordable, meaning you will save money and time.

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