Why You Need To Prune Trees Regularly

Tree pruning is an essential practice if you want to maintain your plants. The best time to remove some branches is during the late fall or winter. The two seasons are ideal because trees are dormant at this time. Also, pests can't infest a dormant tree, giving it a chance to flourish. Here are the top reasons why you need to prune trees regularly.

Boosts Tree Health

Decaying or diseased branches are risky. First, they could spread the disease to the entire tree or other nearby plants. Secondly, such branches attract more pests, and you could lose your plant. On that account, it's crucial to prune those parts to control the problem.

An arborist will remove unwanted branches to pave the way for new growth. Plus, the tree will absorb more nutrients from the soil. Large branches can compete for nutrients, depriving the tree.

Improves Curb Appeal

It's no secret that overgrown trees are unsightly. The good news is you can change that through pruning. An expert prunes your plants into the desired shape. After the exercise, you don't have to deal with hanging twigs or branches. Plus, your yard will look exemplary from across the street.

If you intend to sell or rent out your property, well-kept trees attract customers. Also, you might close the deal quickly with a favorable market price.

Protects Your Family and Assets

Tree pruning is a safety measure that you need to uphold at all times. Dead or decaying branches can fall off at any time, injuring your loved ones. What's more, the branches can fall on your property, causing massive damages. Even worse, overgrown trees can touch the power lines and start a fire.

Thus, you shouldn't ignore large or decaying branches. Hire an arborist to prune such parts to mitigate such risks. The expert prunes trees close to:

  • Your house
  • The pool
  • Garage
  • Driveway

Boosts Productivity

If you have fruit trees, you ought to prune them to expose the plants to sunlight. What's more, large branches can use up all essential nutrients. Consider tree pruning to minimize the competition for nutrients. Your plants will bear fruits, and you can harvest them for consumption or sale.

The best part is you will get tastier and bigger fruit. The main goal of pruning is to remove congested branches. Your tree will absorb the sunlight necessary for making food. When harvesting time approaches, you can access the fruits with sheer simplicity. You don't have to struggle to reach a fruit hidden between branches.

Contact a tree service if you need help.