2 Reasons Why You Should Not Attempt To Prune Your Own Trees

If you have several large trees of different varieties in your yard, you may have noticed that they have started to grow wild and are looking a bit shabby. Because of this, you may decide it is time to even them out to improve the overall aesthetic of your yard.

Because the job seems like it will be simple enough, you may decide to try trimming back the trees yourself. However, there are a couple of reasons why you should not attempt to prune them yourself, and instead, have a professional tree service do it for you.

1.  Improper Pruning Can Leave the Trees Vulnerable to Pests and Diseases

One problem with taking on the task of trimming your own trees is that you may do it improperly. If you do not use the right technique, cut at the wrong angle, or have the wrong tools for the job, you may wind up leaving the branches that are left exposed.

If you cut off a branch and rip off too much bark, you will leave the underlying wood unprotected. And, if you cut at an angle that exposes too much of the end, rainwater can rest in the open wound and cause deterioration of the wood.

In either of these cases, insects and diseases can set in. This increases the risk of the branch or the entire tree becoming vulnerable to extreme damage that could either set back its growth or kill it.

2.  Pruning at the Wrong Time of Year for the Species Could Irreparably Damage or Kill the Tree

Another reason why you should leave the trimming of your trees to professionals instead of doing it yourself is that you may end up doing the job at the wrong time of the year for the species. Some trees should be pruned while they are dormant, while others need to be trimmed after the new growth has matured.

If you cut the branches at the wrong time, such as in the fall for fruit trees, the trees may not have time to heal before wintry weather sets in, increasing their chances of dying. Or, if you cut a flowering tree while it is still in bloom, it may not produce the same amount of flowers the next year.

Even if you have done your research on how to trim the various trees on your property, you may not have the tools or experience to prevent damage, disease, or pest infestation if you attempt to do the job yourself. Instead of taking the chance of hurting or killing your trees, contact a tree service in your area that provides tree pruning services.