In The Leafy Tree Tops: How To Get Your Trees Ready For Spring

Now that the weather is changing and things are warming up, it's time to start tending to the trees in your yard. Your trees have been dormant during the winter, which means they'll need some help waking up and preparing for new growth. Taking care of some basic care at the beginning of spring will help ensure healthy tree growth throughout the year. Here are some instructions that will help give your trees a healthy start this spring.

Give Your Trees a Thorough Inspection

While your trees are still bare from the winter, you'll want to give them a thorough inspection. Inspecting your trees before they begin developing new growth will let you get a clearer picture of their overall health. It will also allow you to identify issues such as disease or pest infestation. If you notice pest activity or diseased areas on your tree, you'll need to contact your landscaper or tree service specialist as soon as possible.

Clear a Path Around Your Trees

During the winter, your trees may have collected quite a bit of debris around the base. While that debris provided a layer of protection during the winter, during the spring it will prevent your trees from receiving proper nutrients. To give your trees a healthy start, you'll need to clear a path around the base. Begin by raking away all the dead leaves and clearing all the weeds out. You'll also want to use a manual tiller to turn the soil over around the base of your tree. This will ensure that enough moisture can get down to the roots.

Add a Fresh Layer of Mulch

Once you've cleared a path around your tree, you'll need to make sure that the soil is protected against erosion and moisture loss. The best way to do that is with mulch. While the soil is still freshly tilled, it's a good idea to add a fresh layer of mulch. Be sure that the layer of mulch is at least a couple inches thick. That way, the soil is protected and the moisture will be locked in.

Ensure Deep Watering

During the spring and summer, you'll want to give your trees plenty of water. The best way to do that is to give your trees a deep watering several times a week. If you have new trees that will require daily watering, fill a few empty soda bottles and place them upside down in the soil around the base of the trees. The water will seep slowly from the bottles, giving your trees fresh water throughout the day.