Have A Tree That Needs To Be Removed? Get It Done Before Hurricane Season

Mature and healthy trees are a thing of beauty, but not every tree is beneficial. If you have a tree that has sustained extensive damage or it has continuously grown to hang branches over your property, you should look into getting it removed. Since it may have only been a minor convenience up until this point, you may feel okay procrastinating to spend your money on other things in the meantime. But, in an area with a hurricane season, you should make it a top priority to remove it before June 1st when the season arrives.

Eliminate a Yard Hazard

A damaged or unwieldy tree turns your yard into a never-ending hazard. At any time, a branch could snap off or the tree could fall over on its own in a heavy storm. This can make it impossible for you to feel comfortable with your kids, pets, relatives, or friends spending time in your backyard. As hurricane season approaches, the rains and winds will become stronger in general, so it will only grow in risk.

A Reliable Expense

When you remove a tree, you will have a rather reliable expense to pay. For instance, a small tree should only cost $125 to $437 to remove while a tree ranging from 30 to 60 feet can run you $175 to $900. This is much more dependable than waiting until something goes wrong, which can lead to property damage, landscape damage, or even an injury on your hands that you have to resolve. For example, if a tree branch were to fall on your house, you could end up needing gutter repair that costs an average of $326.

Start on Stump Removal

As soon as you get a tree removed, you do have an option to get professional stump removal. With a tree stump, you do not have to worry about it being a hazard during hurricane season. As a result, you can take your time with this process and do it on your own with just a few tools including a corded drill, 12 in. bit extension, safety glasses, and an extension cord if the tree is far from your nearest electrical outlet.

It is tempting to continue attempting to nurse your tree back to health or to keep its branches from causing harm or damage, but it is simply not worth the risk. Hurricane season is not a time that you want to go into unprepared as a homeowner, so removing a hazardous tree is the best course of action.

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