Lot Clearing: Why Hire A Professional Tree Service Company Instead Of DIY

If you plan to build a small business on a lot filled with trees, you may attempt to clear the trees yourself to save on expenses. Although it might be possible to clear away the trees and renovate the land yourself, you may face many problems in doing so. One of the biggest issues is safety. Lot clearing requires the use of advanced machinery that may cause injuries if you don't know how to operate the equipment properly. Here are reasons you should hire a professional tree service to clear your lot instead of do it yourself.

Why Is Safety a Big Issue When Clearing Trees?

If you use the assistance of employees to clear out the building site, you may be professionally and legally liable for any injuries the staff receives during the project. Equipment, such as electric saws, excavators and wood chippers, require knowledge and expertise to operate and handle. You may also be required to rig or use ropes and harnesses to ascend and descend trees. If someone doesn't tighten or attach a rope or harness properly, they may fall or slip on the site.

In addition, your employees must be able to calculate the distances and directions needed to fell trees. Falling trees should have enough clearance and space to land safely without harming humans, equipment or other trees. Training is often required to when clearing trees.

To compensate for the injuries, you may need to pay disability or employment benefits to your injured staff members. Your finances may take a hit that endangers the future success of your business. You can avoid problems by hiring a professional tree service.

How Can a Professional Tree Service Keep Everyone Safe?

Tree service contractors obtain the necessary training and licenses to clear lots by using the right equipment and felling techniques. The contractors may also use the services of arborists, or tree specialists, to examine the renovation site prior to beginning work. An arborist may help locate or point out safety issues that may harm the workers and nearby structures.

In addition, depending on your county, city or state laws and requirements, some trees are protected by law and cannot be removed, including Grand Oaks. Grand Oak trees are preserved when they reach a certain age, height and trunk size. An arborist can examine the trees in the area to ensure that you and the contractor don't remove any protected tree.

For more information about clearing your lot, contact a tree service contractor today.