Trees And Wind Damage: What To Do After The Storm

Spring and summer bring warm temperatures and sunny days, but they also bring wind storms. During the worst of these storms, your trees may well experience some serious damage. Although you can save many of these trees, each damaged one may need different care. After a storm, you need to evaluate the condition of all of your trees.

Broken Branches

You can spot many damaged branches from ground level. If you notice any small broken branches, you can remove them yourself if you have the proper tools and feel secure using them. However, if you spot a large broken branch, you need to hire a service like Hudson Tree Service to remove it as soon as possible. These can not only fall and damage your property; they can fall on you, your family members, or even the neighbors. They are a danger and also a serious liability issue. Most trees can survive the loss of a large branch or two, but those with damaged trunks are in danger of dying. 

Damaged Bark

When a tree loses a large portion of its bark, it can lead to serious problems -- even the death of the tree. Experts say that if bark damage extends more than 50% around the trunk, the tree can die. The bark protects an inner layer in the tree that actually provides nutrition to the tree. When that layer is seriously damaged, your tree cannot thrive. You may need an arborist to help you save your tree by reattaching the bark or "clean cutting" the wound. 


If you have to have a tree taken down, you should have the stump removed as well. In addition to being unattractive, stumps can cause you several problems. They can attract harmful insects, including ants, termites, and beetles, that can easily make the short journey from the yard to your house. Stumps also tend to develop new sprouts that need to be removed in order to keep your yard neat and to keep them from taking nutrition from the surrounding vegetation. Stumps can also make maintaining your yard difficult because they are hard to mow around and give you one more area to weed. 

After a wind storm, you need to carefully examine your yard for signs of tree damage. Although you may be able to trim small broken branches yourself, you will need the help of professionals if you have serious bark damage and large broken limbs. If you do lose a tree, make certain to have the stump removed as well to protect your yard and home from more problems.